Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up

Yeah...It's been a while. The weekend of the 17th we went to G-vegas for the weekend for Avery's 3rd birthday! That was a ton of fun. Skylar enjoyed riding the pony and eating yummy cupcakes...not to mention digging in the sandbox and swinging on Avery's awesome new swingset! And Avery looked so adorable in her cowgirl birthday attire!! We had a fantastic time with the Darden family and even got to visit their church.....Avery and Skylar had lots of fun playing together and I must say, the two of them sure have minds of their own! They were too cute!! So....Skylar got over the sinus infection....we think....and I say "think"....because she didn't finish her antibiotic because we came down with a nasty tummy bug last week.....on the 19th.... Needless to say....nothing was staying down and medicine was no exception.....So my time was occupied with....ummm...let's just say..."being sick".....and taking care of Skylar and then Randy........of course Randy tried to help with her, but ya know how the kiddies are when they are sick...most of the time....they want least mine does......Skylar and I had it Mon-Wed and then Randy was unfortunate enough to get it Wednesday night. Let me just tell you that was quite unpleasant but we all got through it and managed to be healthy by the weekend. Thank God for that! Because we sure did have a packed weekend with visiting grandparents, great-grandparents, and spending time on the lake with friends. We made our rounds as best we could despite gas hikes!! Now, we do drive an SUV and it sure makes you think about the best routes to take to save $$ on gas but get to all the places you need to planning is in full swing now more than ever before. Gas prices are horrible, yes, and maybe we'll all be forced to go hybrid at some point........but it sure does make you more conscious of how much you/we normally waste running up and down the road without making plans ahead of time.....or making a conservative effort to save time and money where you can.....silver lining??? is there one?? Well if others are doing what we are doing....making the most of the routes you take.....planning to get where you need to go and finding the fastest way to get there.....I'm hoping we're at least cutting down on pollution and helping out the environment a little. Anyhow....let's hope and pray it comes down soon or we'll all need to start biking!! ....which of course wouldn't be such a bad thing in some instances ;-) So this past weekend we were on the lake....with Nana Jan, Papa Joe, Uncle Stewart, the White family and the Crocker family. We also got to visit with Julie, Fred & baby Ava, and Dah came to eat bbq with us Sunday evening as well! We couldn't have asked for better weather. What a beautiful weekend! The kids enjoyed the short boat the "beach"....the sand...and Blaine and Shelby even went swimming a bunch! A wee bit too cold for me though!! Skylar liked to make Randy stand in the water and hold her in his arms, .....the water temp was fine...once you went't all that bad....if your from Alaska ;-) I'm pretty sure the song "Redneck Yacht Club"- by Craig Morgan is permanently engrained in my head.....Blaine frequently requested it, and since we had it on the cd...he knew just where to find it! So it was pretty much dance party on the boat for the kids when they were taking a break from the sand and water...Skylar also decided she wanted to catch some she went "fishing" with the anchor rope....she was quite excited about the big fishies she caught....the kid has an amazing that occupied her for quite sometime...I did learn this weekend, that even at 2 years old, my child is a shoe snob. I bought her some frocks...aka fake crocs match her blue bathing suit....she put them on for all of 5 minutes......sat down, took them off and said..."NOT those crocs mommy!!"....For a bit, I had no idea why she didn't want them on...(she's not fond of going barefoot in the I knew she needed shoes on).....but she quickly took me over to her real crocs...which mind you are purple...sat down and said "These Crocs Mommy!!".."I want these." And she proceeded to put them on herself. Who'd have thought???!! I'm just guessing maybe they are softer or something...who knows...Speaking of sand...most kids like to play in the sand right?? Mine does....somewhat...but how do you play in the sand and not get your hands dirty?? I'm pretty sure that's not possible....unless you dig with a really big shovel and do nothing else....Apparently Skylar thinks otherwise. Everytime she went to fill her bucket with sand, she'd look up..."mommy!! my hands dirty!! wash my hands please!!"....and so we'd have to wash off her hands...I finally gave up and explained to her that if she wanted to play in the sand....her hands would stay sandy....she opted to come on the boat and color.. :-) for a while anyhow............So.... all in all, a great holiday weekend. We remembered the troops in prayer.....gave thanks for our blessings.....and enjoyed being with our friends and family. Now please excuse me while I go decontaminate the rest of the house from everyone being sick, deplete the lake water level from all the laundry I need to do, take the dog out in the rain.....under an umbrella because he doesn't like the rain of course...., start dinner..., and get "things"ready for Skylar to go to H-town while Randy & I participate in the Kiesel-Thorne wedding activities starting on Friday! We can't wait to see our Sharoni get hitched!!
Until I sit down again....I bid you good evening and well wishes for a sunny rest of the week! :-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

I don't wanna!!

It's been an eventful week. Skylar's been sick with a sinus a result of she's not felt the best in the world. Went to doctor on Wednesday and got meds to clear it up. BUT...she's also cutting 3 teeth at the same time. So on top of being stuffy and coughing, she's been a bit of pistol with the teething. And let's not forget that she's 2. Every bit a 2 year old....I think her expression speaks for itself....this was her "NO taking want it mommy!!" face.....along with "I want ice cream before I eat dinner!!" face....And "NO MOMMY...I don't want yogurt!!".....Can we say TGIF!!!! Thank goodness she seems to be feeling better today so hopefully she's on the healing train.....and let's pray it's a fast track! As we get to Mother's Day weekend, I know I'm looking forward to it!!....Want to wish all the Mom's and Gma's out there a very Happy Mother's Day.....Do all the things that make you it time with your kids....time to yourself....time in a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine ;-), sleep, eat, sleep....Whatever you fancy!! What I've learned about mothers....they're amazing....they are glue for the family...
A mother's love is unconditional......knows no boundaries.....(yet sometimes we wish it kidding.....sort of...........they love us through our mistakes...and boy do we make a lot of those....., our accomplishments....which we hope outweigh the failures......they even love us through our brain dead teenage years and college adventures ;-).....For those with babies and toddlers growing so fast.....We love our children much the same.....And God will continue to grant us patience to love them through the good, the bad, and the ugly.......So for those lucky enough to have a mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers as fantastic as I get what I'm saying here.....If you don't....I'm sure mine would adopt you :-) Being Mommy to Skylar is greater than anything I could have ever imgained......I guess that's why mom always used to say....."I can't wait till you have kids...." "One day you'll understand...".....Or maybe she was saying 'paybacks coming'....who knows ;-0) Either way.......I'm learning....and Yes I love it!! :-) Happy Mother's Day to one and all.....Proverbs 31: 28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also and he praiseth her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Skylar spent the day and night Saturday with GrandC and Dah....she had lots of fun with them and I'm quite sure they were in need of a nap when we picked her up on Sunday.....They were greeted by her sweet little voice at 5:15am on generally sleeps till 6:30 or 6:45 but she must have been just way too excited to let them sleep.....Randy and I picked her up early Sunday morning and headed back to the lake house so she could spend some time with Papa Joe and Nana she got a double dose of grandparent time this weekend and enjoyed every minute of it!! She loved driving her boat with Papa Joe! Yes, I said "her" boat....that's what Papa Joe calls it :-) And she loves that boat!! She's still talking about how much fun she had on her "boat ride." Caffrey had his first boat ride this weekend and he loved it!! He also had a great time meeting Stewart's doggie Copper. Copper is a labradoodle and about 3 times Caffrey's size but they played together so well and had a ton of fun! Now we all know, I'm never without a camera. But unfortunately I had left the camera in the car when we got on the boat so these pics were taken with Randy's camera on his phone. Gotta love technology ;-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

quick note on primary

Ok people, Tuesday...for those that vote on the democratic ticket.....and are voting in the primary......VOTE HILLARY!!! Those that know me, know full well I AM Republican...and I will NOT vote for a liberal democratic president....but given the choice between O 'yucko...or Hilliary...I'll take Hillary...I'd rather eat dirt than vote for either...BUT...the lessor of the two evils is Hillary!!! And...those that know me...know that I don't chat politics very often....generally because I've yet to find a candidate on either side that I completely agree with.... AND.....I find it a pointless argument for me to waste time on with friends....I am who I am , and I believe what I believe.....I'll look at my options and make the best choice I feel is right....but for today...let it be said...Obama is not on my list of options :-) And yes, you can feel free to debate with me...but good luck with that!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I want a quarter!!

Bribery....what do you think of bribery?? Wikipedia says - "Bribery, a form of pecuniary corruption, is an act usually implying money or gift given that alters the behaviour of the recipient in ways not consistent with the duties of that person or in breach of law. The bribe is the gift bestowed to influence the recipient's conduct. " - NOW for simple terms...and for our purposes, let's define as "Kid if you'll do this....mommy will give you this..." I so like my definition better. ;-) So no, I'm not totally opposed to this act given it's 7 in the morning and you're trying to get your kid fed, dressed, teeth brushed, backpack/diaper bag packed....and get them out the door to school or you can get to work.....or....if you're like me, go turn on your computer and start your workday from your home office....couch....whatever you want to call it... ;-) Now in a perfect world, your child will listen to you completely and follow every instruction you give him/her to do.....WHEN YOU ASK THEM TO DO IT.... to get them off to school. If you live in that world, please send me your book......on CD preferably.....thank you.... Anyway, my kiddo is great, 9 times ...ok 8 times out of 10 she'll listen to what she's supposed to and do it when I ask. She's 2 so that's pretty good I think......But lately she's figured out she can get things when she really wants to......Skylar has always loved her little piggy bank but didn't take a real interest in carrying it around the house until recently.....thanks to a Curious George episode about him saving money in his piggy bank to buy a toy...and then Randy introducing her to the fun jingle and clink the money makes when she puts it in her piggy.....So now...that's her vice......she'll tell us she wants quarters and dimes....those are her favorite to give to her girl ;-) If she's just simply not in the cooperating mood....."I'll give you a quarter if you.....fill in the blank"....quickly gets her in the cooperating mood. It's rather entertaining. I think Randy and I are going to have to find a bigger piggy for her if she keeps going like this!! Now I'm certainly not all for bribery all of the time....or even most of the time....b/c I think kids need to learn to listen and learn appropriate responses without being bribed to do so. I believe in giving them"you have the choice to put your clothes on first or brush your teeth first....what's your choice???" I hear that makes them feel empowered ;-) But just gotta do whatcha gotta do....Cute pic of Skylar upper left??? Notice her left hand....see that shiney round thing??'s a do you think I got her hair brushed this morning!! ;-) Until I write again.....Have a happy day.....Oh yeah and save up your quarters and dimes....Skylar's comming to see you!