Monday, December 8, 2008

and again....

I've missed 2 months of updating....and I must say those were some jam packed months! But...I'm back...Did you miss me?? (Don't answer that...)
Well here we are at mid-February...the love month...the month of the year where on one day...the 14th...we remind our family and friends how much we love them. We should all do that daily more often...or weekly at least...but we often don't. Interested in the history of Valentine's day....before the greeting card industry helped to commercialize it?? Well it's pretty google it! :-) And yes I know Valentines day is over....but it's still Valentine's MONTH!

Speaking of love....I love my little girl more and more everyday..if that's even possible. She's such a gift and I thank God for her everyday! Skylar is growing up way too fast....she sounds more and more like a "big gurl" as she says...than she does a 2 1/2 year old...Her latest fascinations are Tinkerbell, throwing out some Spanish words here and there just to catch us off guard, being a "princess," beating her daddy in basketball, tap shoes, her upcoming birthday..which she reminds us daily "IS MARCH 27TH," jewelery, and more Tinkerbell. Conversations with her crack me up all the time...she'll say "Hey Mommy....Soooo..What's going on??" (in her best chilln' voice) ...or she'll taste a new food...proceed to spit it out..and say.."Now THAT'S DISGUSTING!"....LOL...She also reminds us that she "is a princess, and her Daddy is the Prince," or decides that she's the "teacher"....and boy is she a bossy teacher! New things...umm...well not so new..but new to you I suppose since I haven't blogged in a while...She knows the days of the order...and song that goes with it...she's learning the months of the year but I don't think she will say them all in order just yet.
She's very good at remembering EVERYTHING...and I mean everything! Oh and she has and endless fascination with glue and scissors...and stuff there.
Skylar loves to make up songs...her newest creation the other morning was..."I'mmmmm going to be a pppprrrriinnceesss...ohhh yeahhh...and onnnnnn myyyy birrrthhhdayyy........on Marrchhhhh twentyyyy sevenththth...I'mmm gooooinngg tooo my parrtyyyy!!!" ....and the song went on.....and on....and on.. all while dancing and twirling in the middle of the living room...nice when you never have to leave the comfort of your home for quality entertainment!
This week she's been sick unfortunately....but seems to be better now. No more fever and seems to be getting back to being Skylar. I tell you, I'd rather be sick myself 10 times over than for her to be sick at all. It's so tough to see them not feeling well. Especially at at her age!
Well weekend before last we got to go see Blaine play basketball and spend the morning through lunchtime with Blaine, Shelby and Ken&Dawn. Was a great time! They always love spending together when we get the chance!

Last weekend we had a great time at one of her friend's (Meredith) bday parties at Gymboree. Awesome kid, has to be with a name like Meredith ;-) Skylar really enjoyed herself and we did too. Thursday night (last night) she had dance. She did a fabulous job with both the tap and ballet segments and seems to continue to enjoy her time there. This weekend..MOMMY is very excited b/c Skylar will start a mini-soccer clinic. It's just 3 weeks, 3 classes, but it should be fun and we'll see how she likes it. So far she enjoys kicking around with me in the back yard and trying to score goals....but we may have a future keeper on our hands...she does so love to pick up the ball and throw I've told her to pretend it's 'hot' and she can only touch it with her feet. We'll see how that goes!
Well I hope to post more updates soon and time permitting, I'll be better at blogging again! But for now, life is good, and I'm thanking God everyday for all the blessings in our lives!