Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Short blurb

It's past my bed time but of course I was toodleing around on the computer (ie....ebay) for a bit....and other random sites.....Came across the quotes below, like em' I'm posting them. And yes I said "toodleing" If it's not word, should be. It will be added to wikipedia shortly if it isn't already there. I'm quite sure of it.

The best portion of a good man's life - his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. ~William Wordsworth

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm now going to do my nightly act of kindness and take Caffrey out to potty in the freezing cold weather....before it's too late.....Wonder if he'll remember this "loving act" tomorrow?

Monday, February 25, 2008

How to blow bubbles

Step 1- Open container. Step 2- Put as many fingers in the bubble container as possible. Step 3- Grab stick. Step 4- Taste bubbles to make sure they are worthy. Step 5- Put stick to mouth and spit. Whhaaa laaa....bubbles in the air! No? Not yet...Let's repeat steps 1-5. Hmmmm....still not working? Let's ask for help! Just a little adjustment of the stick and now we have bubbles!!!So yeah, Skylar's at the "do it herself" phase now. She'll try and try....and when she can't quite get the outcome she wants.... whatever she may be attempting, she'll say "Help please!" It's all a part of the learning process and exploring her little world. But sometimes don't you just want to do it for them rather than watch them get frustrated? I do, but I try not to until she asks for the help. Because 9 times out of 10, if I try to help before she's ready, she'll sternly decline my attempts to assist.....with a NO MOMMY!! , a shout, a grunt or simply take off running. But at the end of the day, she'll accept our help and feels a sense of accomplishment when she achieves whatever it may be on her agenda. (How do I know?easy...she'll clap and say yaaayy Skylar!!) ;-) She was thrilled to blow the bubbles on her own after I helped her to understand she simply didn't need to EAT the bubble wand but had to hold it a little further away and blow. Just a little guidance was all she needed. Sounds a lot like everyday life in the real world to me. People simply don't want to ask for help when they need it. Or a least the ones that really need it, seem to proud to ask. Whether it be spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, at work or at home, I'm sure we could all use a little help somewhere. With demands of daily living, especially for those that work full-time outside the home, with and without kids, I know there are areas where we all struggle from time to time. But I also know when you try to reach out to assist some people or groups of people, they aren't so inclined to accept at first. But YOU know....that just a little help could get them where they want to go. Maybe it's you that needs a little guidance. Maybe it's a co-worker or a family member. Whatever the case may be, I'm hoping we as adults, parents, neighbors, and friends can learn to ask for and accept the help where we need it or offer the help for those that could use a little nudge. But know your boundaries....and pray about it. Best advice I can offer. (And just think....this advice is free!! my general
counseling rate is $150.00 an hour. Today is your lucky day!....don't like the free advice?...go pay someone else to fix you...move along now!) In the words of an unknown author..."Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." If we all just open our hearts and minds a wee bit, maybe we too can learn...........or teach someone to blow bubbles!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Favorite Things

Ahhh yes.....The Sound of Music...what about it? Great movie...not an absolute favorite movie of mine...but I do love the "These are a few of my favorite things..." song. If you don't know the lyrics, give me a call, I'll do a solo. Or, do the smart thing, GOOGLE IT!
With that on my mind...why? I have no idea....but it I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things. Ok maybe more than a few. Skylar is my favorite daughter, Randy my favorite husband..(yes ONLY daughter and husband)...and Caffrey is my favorite doggie. I LOVE spending time with my family. Even the extended family believe it or not. It's chaotic yet entertaining when we all get together. Love it. I love laying on the beach under the stars and listening to the waves. My favorite color is blue. I love red wine....preferably a good Merlot. Coffee and Water are my favorite beverages. I love shoes. You can NEVER have too many flip flops! My favorite poem, umm one that I've written of course. I love to help others. One of my favorite movies : Good Will Hunting. (Ding ding ding...does the name Skylar ring a bell??) My favorite thing in my hand sanitizer, oh yeah and my phone I suppose. I love taking pictures outdoors. I love music. All kinds.....except opera and classical. Those should be banned. (only kidding.......maybe ;-) And these are a few of my favorite things..........all a part of what makes me...ME......So what makes you tick??? .........TT4N (tah tah for now...for the non-IM'er)

Skylar Day

TGIF......It's been a week! Today is "Skylar Day." So yes, this post is all about Skylar. And yes...that is a tew tew and boots she's put on. She makes me happy, makes me laugh, sometimes makes me crazy.....or crazier I guess, but she always makes me smile. I guess I'll start with Wednesday night. She had dance class. Now Skylar has recently become a little timid in group settings...for the first 10 minutes or so upon arrival. So I got the workout this week in class because I had to dance around carrying her at the same time. She found it quite humerous,...and I'm quite sure many of you would have laughed until your tummies hurt as well...But she demanded that I carry her for the first couple songs. My child...demanding???nnnnoooooo...who would've thought..... ;-)By the end of the class she was jumping around dancing and singing along with the rest of the kids....she even clapped for them and told them "Good Job!"
I had to laugh. Would you take a look at those eyes!! ->She sure does have some expressions. This one in particular is saying..."Mommy...I'm done with pictures, can we go now!!" Sorry for the sidebar there... Anyway, for the benefit of the family near and far...Skylar's growing like....umm...whatever it is that grows fast. I won't say weed b/c I don't like weeds and she's too cute to compare to an ugly old weed. Aside from the many faces she enjoys entertaining with...(pictures to follow)...She's also learned to sing the alphabet song. Even more impressive to me....being that she's not even 2 yet..I can sign the alphabet to her, and she knows EVERY letter without missing a beat. She loves to read and she's starting to point out letters to me on the pages. She especially loves to spell out S. K. Y. L. A. R. on a page. She knows most of her primary colors...she knows them in sign lauguage and will pick the correct colors if you ask her to get a particular crayon least most of the time. She's particularly good with blue, green and yellow :-) Skylar loves to sing and in fact....she sings in her sleep! I know we all talk in our sleep now and then...she sure does...but the other night I was just about asleep and I hear " A B C D E F G.........." you get the point. She was actually singing her alphabet song in her sleep. It was hilarious and intriguing all at the same time. I know others kids do this too, but it was the first time I'd caught her singing her sleep. If I started singing in my sleep.....or singing at all for that matter.....I think the neighbors may complain. ;-) Ok, so other new things with Skylar...or little miss independant I should say...she wants to dress herself...that is IF you can catch her long enough to get clothes on her. She's doing great with her manners...uses please and thank you, and even says "bless you!" if you cough or sneeze. She says the funniest things....I was coming down the stairs with her the other day and I said whoa! And without missing a beat,...out of her little mouth she shouts..."Lawd a Mercy!" And yes that's a Southern phrasing of "Lord Have Mercy" for those of you not lucky enough to have been born and raised in the South! Anyhow....every day brings something new with Skylar. She's a comedian, a boss, an entertainer, a teacher....U NAME IT.....most of all she's our little miracle. I'm posting a few of her latest "faces of Skylar".......

She's just a delight to be around....most of the time...As we all do she has her moments...and often reminds us she IS an almost 2year old toddler and might I say, with a mind of her own. She's fine tuning that selective hearing of hers these days.....or learning to ignore us...take your pick. Some days we think she and Caffrey are teaming up and conspiring against us....maybe....maybe not. But I hear "patience is a virtue"....I think I could've used an extra dose on the day that was handed out. (Kidding...sort of) Skylar is our little sunshine and she makes every day brighter rain or shine. Here's hoping her smile brings you happy thoughts today...on what I like to call "Skylar Day."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I wish I had........

Good morning one and all. Welcome to Wednesday! For me, Wednesday means only two more "real" workdays this week. That's promising. Wednesday also means a busy day of conference calls, issue resolution, and explaining business processes to those that need a little...shall we say 'help.' Yeah I'll go with help. That's a nice way of putting it. Today also means I'm on Caffrey duty. We're crate training (ie. potty training) and so he's on a schedule. Does that suprise any of you? If you know me, then I'm doubting that's a shocker! He's still a baby so he eats, sleeps, goes potty, and plays with random objects that provide oral stimulation since he's teething. Sounds a lot like a baby huh! As of this moment he's chasing an empty diet coke bottle....all the while he DOES have an abundance of 'doggie approved' toys to choose from. But why play with those when he can play with something he shouldn't be? Where's the fun in that? Sounds like a toddler to me!! Or sounds like MY toddler at least. Little miss Skylar would much rather have what mommy has than to play with her plethora of Skylar tested/Mommy approved objects of entertainment.....or a least she tries to take what I have and as soon as she figures out, I don't mind, she tosses it to the wayside and goes on about her merry way back to reading or coloring.....two of her obsessions at the moment. Hey, I'll take it! I love that she's so creative and enjoys reading. And I could go on and on all day about her...and some days I will....But back to my point. Don't we as adults always want what someone else has? We want better houses, more money, faster cars, thinner bodies etc. I'm not saying we or I dwell on it, but there's always that thought of, I wish I fill in the blank. Sometimes I just sit down and remind myself, I have more than I need or could ever want. I have my faith, my family, and my friends. My daughter is healthy and wonderful and my husband is supportive, loving and devoted to our family. I have a home...not a house...BUT a home. I have food to eat, (and obviously more than I need in that area) my sight, my hearing, you get the point. I can walk, and boy can I talk....I can even run. (Although I like to do that in moderation....too much is never a good thing ;-) Sounds simple.........Maybe....but not everyone has those things sadly enough. But I do. And I thank God that I do. But are we ever satisfied? What is ever JUST ENOUGH??? I wish I had that answer......

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday = Happy Day

How cute is that sweet little face?!!
Yes, I've been MIA for a bit. No worries, I'm back now :-) So this past weekend brought lots of activities for our family. Sunday afternoon was a great time! Skylar went to Madelyn's 3rd b-day party at the Little Gym.
Picture a group of toddlers in a padded room (we all need one of those!)with an enthusiastic "instructor" who actually thinks these little munchkins are going to follow instructions. It's a movie in the making...let me just tell you!....Granted some of the older ones attempted to pay attention but with a room full of "safe" obstacle courses, bouncing balls, and bubbles galore, it was like Utopia-Land for the Happy Child. Let's not forget the air-track/bouncey thing....I must say, it's a great place to have a party! The parents got to enjoy the party too while the kiddies were entertained. Skylar was especially thrilled to know there were "peasants" and cake involved in this birthday party deal. She was more than happy to offer Madelyn happy birthday wishes. Skylar proceeded to tell Madelyn Happy Birthday a few times. Only it came out Happpppyyyy DDDAAYYY!! ...several times. She said "Happy Birthday" a couple times, but she much preferred to tell her (or shout, I should say)...HAAPPPYY DDDAYYY!! Although, I'm pretty sure in the midst of the crowd there, I'm the only one that heard it! But that's ok. Her "happy day" phrase struck me funny and was so true. She was exactly right. A birthday IS a Happy Day! The birth of our child was SUCH a happy day. Aside from the day Randy and I said "I DO," I'd have to say it ranks number ONE. So as she does often, my little snuggles got me thinking, ....I should look at EVERY DAY as a "happy day" because it's another day I get to wake up and celebrate my birth/life and the lives of all those I love. I hear those wheels turning...NO you don't get more presents...just know that I think of you all and pray for you all often. :-) Much like we set aside one day a year...(or month if you're in my family!) to celebrate our birthdays, we set aside the Christmas holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. Everyone's just a little nicer, a bit more giving, and a lot more likely to think of others in need....around Christmas...this time of Christ's birthday celebration. I'm guilty of that for sure...But shouldn't we wake each morning and celebrate HIS birthday everyday too?...The "HOW" is up to us....I'm voting yes....I've got a lot to learn and I'm far from perfect...but I sure can try.....So what's you're vote? And with that...I'll leave you to your's past my bedtime....In the words of my almost 2 year old... "HAPPY DAY!!"
"A happy heart is like good medicine" (Proverbs 17:22)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

Good AM one and all! I do love Fridays. I especially love Fridays that I don't have to work! So I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine's Day yesterday. The Hodges house was lots of fun last night. Skylar enjoyed opening her gifts from us and playing with her "boon" her Daddy bought her. She also brought home her valentine cards from her classmates and a very special "peasant" = present...for mommy and daddy. She quickly moved past us to entertain Caffrey, or "Caffeeeyyy!!" as she likes to say. Kids sure are funny aren't they. They have their own language for sure. Speaking of which..while on that topic.....As many of you know, we started Skylar out learning sign language before she could talk...or before she spoke in a language we could understand I should say. Now she is quite the chatter box but loves to show you all her signs and every now and then, when we "just don't get it", she'll sign to Randy and I to make us understand what she's saying. It's hilarious and brilliant all at the same time. Many have asked.."why continue with the signing now that she communicates verbally" answer to you is WHY NOT?? There's tons of emphasis on teaching kids foreign language these days and that's wonderful. But, ASL= American Sign Language IS a foreign language to those who don't know it. Hearing impaired folks have a special place in my heart and so we will continue to teach Skylar as we all learn together. We were blessed with a beautiful healthy daughter and her hearing works me....although sometimes she chooses to use her selective hearing when she doesn't WANT to hear us. So.... you never know where the road may lead, she may be able to help children with hearing disabilities in her school, church, or wherever she may be someday. As long as she continues to enjoy it and loves to share it with people, we'll continue to encourage it.
Thought to ponder......what talents do you have to share with others for the benefit of humanity?????

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Today....

For today, I'm going to make a point to pray for those I love, pray for those I like, and pray God helps me to tolerate those that annoy me....caught ya off guard huh...For today, I'm going take the time to enjoy my family without worrying what I need to do next, because we all know...I need to be cleaning...or doing laundry..or working out....let's emphasize WORKING OUT....BUT...Just for today, I'm going to calm those firing neurons in this maze of a brain of mine...and just take a breather...and yes I brushed today..minty fresh..random there..sorry. Actually, I'm not sorry, that's just how my mind works, all that "gray matter" works overtime! But...For today..I'm going to quit the caffine after 3 cups of coffee...and sit still for more than 5 minutes. For today, I'm going turn off this computer and leave you wondering....what does she have in store for me tomorrow??......HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!