Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm thinkin'

I'm thinkin' that I'm tired of seeing article after article of people hurting people and people hurting kids. Especially kids. Now, I'm not a violent person by any means ....BUT...If you hurt a kid, intentionally, I have some REALLY good ideas on how you should be dealt with....and if my solutions were ever put into action...I'm willing to bet there'd be a lot less crap like that going on!! Eye for Eye.... Sound harsh? Not really! Have you seen the news lately. Babies are miracles....true gifts from GOD. And to hear news of people hurting them....Burns me up. There's always some sort of story about some child being abused or someone getting shot etc. And what REALLY ticks me off is these offenders are generally repeat offenders or have some sort of criminal history/record. And if they don't, yet, it's likely just because they just got caught. Way to go there court system of ours. Don't get me wrong, there are good judges, cops, etc. But there must be a breed out there of them that truly stink at their jobs. So yes, I think the laws should be tougher....and more importantly....followed...And I don't think it should take a year to get ANYONE to trial....Out on bail after doing horrific acts to other human beings??? I THINK NOT!! Apparently somehow, "the punishment should fit the crime" has gotten lost in the it what you want...I call it BULL, for lack of a more approriate word to post on my site. Pointing fingers? Am I? Sure am. Why? Because I can.....but never will I do so without trying be part of the solution.....So, what can we do about it? What can I do about it? I could never be a social worker. God bless em'. I'd be in jail for going after idiot parents. Next option?? Court system? Politics? I'm thinkin' NO!....My mouth would get me in trouble there....Kid's are my passion....well not all kids..the bratty ones get on my nerves.... ;-) and as such...teaching is not an option....not with the mouthy disrepectful kids that our educators have to deal with these days. I so admire teachers....the good ones anyhow....Seriously though, I hate it when kids get lost in the shuffle or there's a lack of loving parental involvement in their lives...which of course often contributes to their issues as they grow up. So anyhow, what I've come up with so far is to continue to donate time and money to the organizations that support the community....and anywhere I see fit for me to get involved in. The way I see it....the treatment, spiritual-emotional-and intellectual education of our little tots growing up will help mold their futures....I'm no saint.....and can't save the world...that's God's job. But I sure can try to do my part in the lives of our kids....our future leaders....If anything I do, keeps one single kid from growing up leading a life of crime...or protect one single child from abuse....then that's what can I do. I'll leave the rest up to God, but He sure did give me the good sense to know I need to get off my butt and do SOMETHING.....And........That's what I'm thinkin'!