Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome Home Mommy!

So this past weekend I had a weekend with the girls at Wrightsville Beach for Sharon's bachelorette party. (Sharon used to be my roomate for my last semester in college and after college and I also met my husband Randy through her.) Thanks Sharoni! I know many of you are wanting to see fun pics from the weekend. Once I get one of the ones of the group I can post...but I'll let Sharon send the rest! The pic to the left is my favorite picture that I took all weekend. It may be a little hard to read....but it says "Welcome Home Mommy!" And mommy was glad to be home! Randy and Skylar had some art time with sidewalk chalk while I was away and they made me a sign. Skylar did the directing I'm she often does. ;-) Some call it bossy...I call it the makings of a leader!! Anyhow,...the two of them did tons of fun stuff together this weekend like playing on her new swingset, jumping through tons and tons of bubbles with her new bubble machine and they even got to spend a fun afternoon/evening with the Riffle's. While they were having fun, I was with the girls hanging out on the beach catching some sun and then out to a nice dinner. After dinner we got ready and went out on the town in downtown Wilmington. Sharon was quite the good sport about doing the dares we gave her. I tasked her with standing up in the middle of a crowd and singing "I'm going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married!"....And she did it, with a little help...but she did it! Was really cute.......The weekend was a lot of fun and I think Sharon enjoyed it, which is the most important thing! But I'm certainly ready to resume my 9:30 bedtime. Not that 31 is old...but it's definitely not the new 21...not for me!! I sure missed my little munchkin...and yes Randy too! But it was great to enjoy some fun at the beach and good for Skylar and her daddy to spend that special time together.

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I love your blogs. This was soooo sweet.