Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Fun

To the left we have the most adorable hula girls ever! This is Skylar and Katelyn last weekend over at K's house playing dress-up. They had a great time together and from what I hear, the most fun was had fighting over the potty.....or seeing who could go the most times from what I understand.
So for this past weekend....where do I start....what a fun weekend! Saturday morning we got to celebrate Katelyn's 2nd birthday with her at Falcon Park. Skylar loved playing on the slides and climbing anything and everything. Katelyn got lots of neat presents and even let Skylar help her open was really sweet :-) Katelyn seemed to be having a fantastic time with her sand table, the slides, and all the bubbles too! Below we have Madelyn and Skylar enjoying some tastey cupcakes! How cute! After the party we headed home for lunch and then naptime. Skylar woke up just in time to get a bath and all dressed up for her first....shall we say entertaining...evening at Angus Barn for Dah's Dad..her grandad....We all enjoyed the dinner celebration and Skylar especially loved playing musical chairs throughout most 2 year olds do I suppose. She delighted herself in eating everyone's crutons off their salads....a little spinach here there...and loved the cheese/alfredo ravioli. Suprisingly enough... she refrained from standing in the chairs to perform any musical concerts for the crowd. Their loss of course, but we were really ok with that ;-) It was a great evening and Dah had a fantastic bday celebration. Sunday morning came early....slept in until 6:45...though...and yes I do mean AM.....that was was...We managed to make to our 9:00 service at church, then a quick trip to Lowe's, then home for lunch and nap. Mommy and Daddy got to nap too...or we did nap...could have done a thousand other things around the house but oh well! The afternoon was full of fun with bubbles, taking Caffrey and Skylar for a walk, and Randy planting his garden! Let's hope for some yummy veggies this summer! Skylar also enjoyed some swinging time in her new swing her Uncle Stewart bought for her....deprived child I tell toys at all ;-)...rrriitteee..... After we all got cleaned up and dressed for dinner, we were off to Outback with the Sperry family! Joe, Kate, and yes "baby Lily" as Skylar likes to call her. It was a great evening but we were all ready for bed when we got home! And now....we're at Monday!...Another "fun" filled week of my $$ paying job....yeah that one that pays the bills. But I know the week will be spectacular at my "mommy job." I'm quite sure we're in for some quality comedy acts and a few random concerts....and at least 2 or 3 tantrums... from our 2 year old.......everyday brings something new!! I like this mommy job though...pays a lot better and the benefits are more than I could ever hope for!! ;-)

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What a model! I think Hawaii is your next vacation. Love the pictures you take. Dah and Skylar blowing candles, and those crossed legs swinging. What a great weekend. Give her kisses for me. and love you too.