Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And..it's back to green tea 4 me!

Hello one and all. The Hodges have been on vacation....and now need a vacation from the vacation ;-) We were fortunate enough to be invited to stay with our friend Kim down at the beach on last Friday night 7.11.08....this meant packing and leaving a day earlier than we had planned since we had a wedding on Saturday at Wrightsville and then my side of the family would be down for the remainder of the week. So we packed up and got down there Friday night. I tend to move a lot faster when sand, sun, and water are involved.....Anyhow, going down early was a tremendous help....and I don't even know if she reads this but if so...THANK YOU KIM!! It was such a relief to be able to enjoy some relaxing, sand and sun prior to the wedding....and despite the boat mishaps (long story)....check in to our house at Carolina Beach and still make it to the wedding on time! Unfortunately, I left my camera at the house that day so I don't have wedding pics, but it was beautiful! Ashley and Greg looked so happy and everything was perfect for their special day. My parents kept Skylar and Randy & I enjoyed some drinks and dancing at the wedding.....hanging out with friends.....a little too much fun I think....ummm...well I'm sure too much fun....but anyhow.....the wedding was amazing and I know the new Cooper couple has many many years of love and fun awaiting them.
As for our week at the beach....it was fantastic...crazy, fun, lots of food, family, friends...and perfect weather! And birds...there should be some rather plump birds at CB now...I'm pretty sure of it....Over the course of the week my aunt and her 3 boys were there along with my parents and my brother. My aunt's other daughter and friend came down for one night as did a friend of hers. Randy, Skylar & I enjoyed our time with everyone....Being a red-head, my little one can't be...and doesn't like to be out in the sun a lot...she prefers it cool and cloudy....(I know....she didn't get that from me!)...and we didn't have much of that except for early morning and late evening....which tended to be when she enjoyed the beach the most.....She loved our visit to the aquarium but we're pretty sure she was thinking it was a zoo too because she kept asking to see the animals!! Guess another trip to the zoo in the fall will need to be put on the calendar! Although the beach house tended to be a bit zoo-like at times...but I guess that's not really what she ment by going to "see the animals"....Wouldn't have it any other way though. We are definitely not a boring crowd...that's for sure....Ohhhh..the sharks...I have tell you about the sharks....After dinner one evening, we went out on the pier and watched people surf fishing for shark....why? I have no idea...I suppose they like the challenge...I prefer to fish for fish and keep them...but these guys were going after the big ones....(sharks)...and they caught some! But the neatest thing was seeing the sharks (while up on the pier) swimming in the water....it was so cool...and somewhat frightening at the same time. These were no baby sharks and they were freakishly close to where most people would swim off shore. It was insane. Soooo, the week was full of fun in the sun....food/drinks...swimming....oh and the wii, let's not forget the wii play...as you can see pictured here....boxers in action...and then have....walking, walking, and more walking....but we needed to be walking with all that we consumed...that's for sure!! I'm pretty sure the tiki hut /ocean grille will miss our crowd!! We got to see some fireworks, hear a little music, venture out for a little night life, and actually took a few naps ourselves...when Skylar napped of course....!! But trying to keep a toddler on a schedule at the beach.....haaa...it's a tough thing to do. And by the end of the week, Skylar was in dire need of getting back on her normal schedule. I don't care how late a kid sleeps to make up for going to bed late....or how long of a nap they take....if MY kid is off schedule...lemme tell you...it ain't pretty. So on the Saturday we departed, Skylar slept most of the way home...which put her timing back on schedule pretty much. And she's been a complete angel since. As for Caffrey's week....well he spent the week being spoiled by our friend Ms. Conni and her son. They took such good care of him and I'm pretty sure he misses them already. Skylar apparently missed Caffrey too, because she hasn't given him a minute to breathe when she's around him. Funny story about that ....in another post to come of course....anyhow...We picked Caffrey up Saturday evening and got everyone home and back on schedule. Sunday we were lazy and missed church but we made it to the grocery store where Skylar "helped" put all the items in cart and pulled the cart along. Twas a couple times we had to put random items back on the shelf without her seeing....but she was soooo proud to be helping us grocery shop. After our eventful shopping trip it was home for lunch and nap time. Skylar woke up from her nap ready to go "shopping" again...she wakes up saying..."I had a good nap mommy and daddy! I had a good nap!" ..... :-) So we loaded up and went to farmers market so she could pick out some fresh fruit and veggies. Then we took her to lake wheeler to feed some hungry duckies and play on the playground.....As she said her prayers that evening....she said "God bless...(insert name) as she goes through the family....and "Thank you God for the playground!" I had to laugh...I thought that was too cute. She comes up with the most random funny things...I must say...I'll have to post some Skylar wisdom sometime. You'd be surprised how much of a comedian a 2 year old can be, but sweet and gentle and so loving all at the same time.....So...as Skylar would say...for the beach week..."It was perfect mommy, it's just perfect!" .........And now...it's back to school for our little princess...back to work for Randy....and as for me...it's back to work...back to a 1/3'rd of the caloric intake I had last week....and as for my beverage of choice...we'll it's back to the green tea for me!! Have a happy day!

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