Monday, July 7, 2008

Catch a big fish!!!

For the weekend previous to the 4th, we had thought about doing some visiting in H-town but things weren't going as we would have liked to facilitate that....sooo we actually stayed home....well, stayed in Raleigh, but when do we ever stay home??? Naptime and bedtime is about it I suppose. Randy and I took Skylar out to Lake Johnson to feed the ducks and ride the pedal boats etc. I'm pretty sure she was eye to eye with some of the geese. They were as tall as she was and so we preferred to guide her towards the little ducks to make friends. One of the ducks ate some bread out of her hand and she swore "That duckie bite Skylar's finger!" It didn't.....of course...but I think she was a little shocked that the duck took the bread out of her hand before she was ready to give it to him/her. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her time out there. After naptime we got to visit with the Urban's and other friends at Kim and Brian's new beautiful home in Eagle Ridge! Soooo pretty! Had a great time over there grilling out with friends and Little Aidan and Skylar tried to teach their daddy's how to play golf. Well Aidan liked the golf balls of course....and Skylar loved it all....especially running around all over the greens....maybe she'll teach me one day....that'd be a bit of challenge I
I do hope everyone had a happy 4th. We were at the lake house among the storms and rain. But we did get in a good bit of lake/sun time, some fishing, and some "not so little" pyro action in the sky. Throughout the long weekend we had family time with the Hodges, my folks, and friends....the White's, the Prince family, and neighborhood folks. There was lots of yummy food, pretty sweet fireworks.....compliments of my hubby, golf cart Skylar's request....and just an all around great time despite the storms that we had to plan around. Skylar's new hobby is fishing we think. She was quite adamant about going fishing and she even held a fish. We frequently heard, "Catch a big fish Daddy!!....Catch a big fish Mommy!" Obviously she wasn't thrilled with the size of the brim and the 'bait' fish we were catching ;-) However, she delighted in feeding them bread and potato chips. I'm pretty sure those fishes won't need to eat anything else for days. Nor do I for that matter. What is it with vacation and eating?? I've yet to figure it out. My brain seems to think...vacation = eat whatever you want...well that doesn't work so well for the waistline ya know! I'm pretty sure all that 'grey matter' up there in my head needs some re-wiring when it comes to being away from home. How about you? Do you "vacate" from your daily healthy eating routines? It sure takes some willpower not to do that. I mean I won't give up chips and salsa for anything but I can stay away from the pastas I think. Easier said than done though when you have a 2 year old to feed and what they need to eat isn't necessarily what you/I really need to be eating. Oh well....I suppose I just have to add miles to my running to make up for it for now! Speaking of which...boy do I wish I looked this cute in a bikini....Skylar was quite proud to show off her red, white, & blue! ......So it's back to work for the week and then we leave for the beach on Saturday....a wedding in Wrightsville then Carolina Beach for the week. Saturday can't get here fast enough for me! But I'm praying old Bertha out there in the Atlantic stays far far away from us! If the weather cooperates....maybe we can catch that "big fish" that Skylar wants!! Let's hope! No sharks though preferably....we've seen our share of those in our beach travels....I'll settle for the mahi please.... ;-)

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