Friday, June 20, 2008

A 2 year old's mind

Skylar : "Mark was really nice at school today. We read books."
Me : "You did?" "Well that's sounds like a great day!"
Skylar : "Hannah had on yellow."
Me : "She did?" "Yellow is a nice color."
Skylar : "Mommy has on orange and I have on pink."
Me : "That's correct!" "Good job honey...." "Now it's nite nite time....
Skylar : "ha ha ha...I"m so funny mommy! I soo funny!"
........And that's how a 2 year old procrastinates at bedtime.....

Me : "Skylar do you want an egg and cheese with fruit?" Or do you want O's or a bagel?" "What would you like?"
Skylar : "O's mommy, I want O's please!" (aka cheerios)
....I bring her a bowl of O's........
Skylar : "I want raisins!"
Me : "I'm all out of raisins."
Skylar : "I want blueberries!"
Me : "We just ran out of blueberries." - (Side note..she likes fruit in her cereal...) "I can put bananas in it."
Skylar : "Well go to the store mommy!" "Go to the store and get raisins and blueberries please!"
Needless to say....there shall be an abundance of blueberries and raisins in the fridge for breakfast in the morning......

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