Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Showers, Weddings, Anniversaries...

This week, Randy's parent's (to the left)celebrated their 34th anniversary and My parents (in pic below)celebrated their 35th!! Cheers to the parents and hope they had wonderful anniversaries!! This past weekend Randy & I helped the Hodges with a wedding shower for yet another couple getting married. They'll tie the knot in July at the beach. Won't miss that one ;-) Love me some sand and sea....oh I'll stop in at the wedding too of course. hee hee...Seriously I think Randy and I attend more weddings and showers in any given year than anyone else we know.......we love staying on the go....most of the time......we just need to figure out those winning lottery numbers though if we keep going at this rate!! ;-) After the July wedding, I think they settle down for us for a while....and our vacations to the beach will kick in!! yippee!! So in short....congrats to our parents.....congrats to all those just married and those approaching the altar.....and until our next nuptuial venture....I'll be posting some new topics later in the week....are you on the edge of your seat??!!....I'm so sure.....ha...tah tah 4now

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