Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Blessing A Day

Our neighbors Kate and Joe just had a baby girl this past week! She's a tiny tiny little angel and so beautiful! I went to visit baby Lily (and the new mommy and daddy) in the hospital. Those of you who know me well....know that I'm notorious for not carrying cash. I'd just rather not have it in my pocket because I spend it quicker! ;-) Well...you know, parking decks don't take Visa. Why? I dunno. They should as much as they typically cost! Anyhow...I really wasn't sure if they did or not until I found out.....When I got to the hospital I realized I had some change in my purse but that was about it. And when I say change....I mean pennies. So I asked this very nice security guard lady at the visitors desk what I thought was a logical question......I proceeded to say, "do the parking decks take visa?"...she looked at me funny and said...umm no they don't..but it's usually only 50cent or a dollar....I'm thinking..lady you don't know me! So I just responded ...."oh yeah..ok..I knew it wasn't much but I rarely carry cash on me." I smiled and started to walk away....So she looks and me and says, "you have your ticket?"...."Yes ma'am I do." She asked for the ticket and validated my parking right there! How sweet was that! So I thanked her kindly and told her how much I appreciated it. She looked me and said..."A blessing A day honey..a blessing a day." So I told her she was DEFINITELY my blessing that day and I would thank God for her kindness in my prayers that night. It's so nice to know that there are still good souls out there and kind hearts in this crazy mixed up world of ours.......

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