Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Belated St. Patty's!

My little Irish dancer to the left.......... I see river dance in her future...get her autograph now...seriously!...
Skylar had a great St. Patrick's day. Her weekend was full of activities. Sunday after church she got to have lunch out with her Nana & Papa Joe, Uncle Stewart, Great Granny, and Uncle Lindsey, and of course mommy and daddy. Sunday evening we spent with Kate, Joe, baby Lily, Alex, Lisa and baby Anya. Skylar got to hold Lily much to her delight! What a cute picture that was! We all had some tastey cornbeef and cabbage that Uncle Joe and Aunt Kate cooked. Skylar loved it! (especially the mustard....i know....not too many kiddos dig the mustard like that....) ;-)( I'm pretty sure she gets that from Grand-C.)Monday she got to stay home from school with me and we went to meet Randy and his work group and Mr. Max out for lunch. She thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with Nadia, Kelly & Dan's little girl! They had a great time eating lemons and cheese quesadillas....sounds appetizing huh???.... After we got home....after her MUCH needed nap....she enjoyed picking the random purple flowers out of our yard and playing in Uncle Joe's dirt piles from his latest landscaping project. So anyhow...a much different St. Patrick's day than my days in Savannah or Boston....but soooo just as special!! Must give a shout to my Aunt Sharon. HAPPY BELATED BDAY! Hope you had a great one! And now...the easter weekend approaches us! Did you know Easter will never be this early again in our lifetime..(unless you plan to live to the age of 220 something).....seriously...google it!! Looking forward to seeing family and friends over the holiday weekend....though...oddly enough I don't get off for Good Friday or Easter Monday....Anyhow....before I sign off for the evening....requesting special prayers for my Grandma who fell and broke her hip last week....surgery went great but recovery will take a while, for Nannie...continued healing..and for my Uncle Tim's bloodclot to dissolve. Thanks to all for your prayers!

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