Friday, March 7, 2008

Uncle Will

Many days after school, Skylar gets in the car and goes through names of people...the other day she started with Cement (my brother's cat), Uncle Will, Grand-C, Dah, Buck & Dally (labs). Then she moved on to Papa Joe, Nana, Uncle Stewart, Aunt Faye etc. It's so neat to see who she associates with who. So anyhow....
My brother called me yesterday and wanted to come visit Skylar after she got home from school. So when I picked her up from school, I told her he was coming to see her. Well when we pulled in our subdivision, she knew she was headed home and started to cry..."Uncle Will!!..Uncle Will!!"...She must have thought we were going to see him in Henderson. I had to repeatedly explain he was coming to see her at HER house. Needless to say she was extremely excited when he got here and she gave him lots of hugs and kisses. They played with Caffrey together and looked at her new books from Grand-C and Dah which she loved! Then Uncle Will got to watch an episode of signing time with her and he put her to bed. How funny is it what they remember. When she woke up this morning she said .."Uncle Will!! Play!!" So I had to explain that he went to his house last night and they can play again soon. She seemed ok with that. Skylar adores her Uncle Stewart as well. She will ask about him all the time. She loves his doggie Copper too....though I'm not too sure how thrilled Copper is with Skylar..she pulled quite a bit of Copper hair when she was smaller. :-)She also knows uncle Stewart has a motorcycle...which she calls "moto-cycle" "vroom vroom" It's very cute. Skylar being the first grandchild on both sides of the family works in her favor as you can imagine. She knows exactly who lets her get away with what. And she knows how to work them. Those tears can turn on and off in a matter of seconds....but make her mad and the looks she can give will tell you exactly what she's thinking without her saying a word. (I think she got that from mommy mostly...but some of that from her daddy too.) But...back to the story...Skylar loves her uncles and I'm so glad they are actively in her life. They may spoil her rotten....but that's fine by us...that's what uncles are supposed to do. Mine sure did!! (But remember day you'll have kids...and auntie Meredith will get to do the spoiling too!!) ;-)

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