Saturday, March 1, 2008

Whineing Time

No, not Signing Time, that's not a typo, I MEAN Whineing Time. Now that it's almost 9pm and I've JUST had my shower for the day, I'm entitled to a little whineing time. And yes, I WILL take some cheese with it as well....thank you very much. The Hodges house has been a bit chaotic this week and most definitely in the last two days. Let's see, Tuesday we had the appointment with the urologist for Skylar. Won't be seeing him again. He had the personality of a rock. Maybe less...seriously. Skylar is doing great though and we'll find a different ped. urologist to follow her over the next year to monitor her reflux. No big deal. So after her appointment, I dropped her at school and I headed to Henderson to see Nannie. Had lunch with mom and my aunt all the while trying to avoid the germs flying in the air around the Pulley house. Got to the nursing home and fed Nannie lunch. She wasn't herself by any means but she did respond to me and I fed her lunch. I proceeded to chat with her, ( I had to do most of the talking) But she did inform me that she wanted ....and I quote "a big azzzz party" for her birthday in July and she wants it at the Silo. That got me tickled. She's not feeling well, not responding much but still sassy as ever. I love it! So ALL, please keep her in your prayers. After my visit with Nannie, I headed back to Raleigh and met Randy and Skylar at home in time for dinner. Wednesday, Thursday....a lot went on but nothing of real interest to anyone other than US and quite honestly it's little blurry with the events of the last couple days. Thursday night Randy didn't feel well. Achey,....laying on couch. So OF COURSE....I quiz him...what'd you eat today etc. And then we get to the real answer....ever after the NUMEROUS emails and reminders and discussions, he failed to get his FLU shot this year. Smoothe move there exlax. So he was throwing up Thursday night for a bit. Home on Friday running 101 Fever. To his defense...and this is his ONLY defense, two of the 3 flu strains this year aren't affected by the shot. HOWEVER, GOD WILLING, he better have the strain that Skylar and I are protected against. People, don't be dumb. Just get your flu shots. It can't hurt. Unless you are allergic to eggs. Then don't get the shot and just stay away from me until after flu season! So not only have I been single mommy the last couple days, but I've also been a waitress, a nurse, a sanitation engineer, a dog walker, and apparently a poop picker upper...Oh yeah, THE POOP. Either I've really ticked someone off or it's a full moon. Caffrey decided to leave a present for me on the floor this morning....He's not done that since his first week here. Then we get to naptime....I hear MOMMY!!...uuuhhh yeah...Skylar decided,...though she's been pooping in the potty for weeks now, that TODAY...of all days...TODAY...she wants to leave mommy a big ol' blueberry poop ball on her bed. NICE....Needless to say I had to strip her bed and give her a bath....clorox the bed and finally get her back to bed for her nap. Blueberry....yes..she ate half a tub for breakfast. Anyhow...back to my whineing. In the midst of this chaos, I did manage to take Skylar shopping and get a baby present, take her to chick- fil-a', do the shower favors while she was napping, get 4 loads of laundry done, and entertain the puppy. Then we went to the park after naptime and dropped the present off with Nana to take the shower....why?...well let's get real. What mommy- to -be wants flu germs around her!! Figured most folks wouldn't want to share in the flu fun. My hands are now cracking and bleeding because I've washed them so much. You like visual? I'm not taking any chances! So I'd love to keep chatting but I need to go put my hands in a tub of lotion, take Caffrey to potty, check on my sleeping angel, get some medicine for the sick, and if I can manage to find the opener..and a small glass...I'm gonna end this whineing time for some wine-ing time of my own...or find the tylenol pm and my pillow....either will do!!.....Lord, if it's not too much trouble, can we have a better day tomorrow? :-) Thank you and Amen.

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