Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday = Happy Day

How cute is that sweet little face?!!
Yes, I've been MIA for a bit. No worries, I'm back now :-) So this past weekend brought lots of activities for our family. Sunday afternoon was a great time! Skylar went to Madelyn's 3rd b-day party at the Little Gym.
Picture a group of toddlers in a padded room (we all need one of those!)with an enthusiastic "instructor" who actually thinks these little munchkins are going to follow instructions. It's a movie in the making...let me just tell you!....Granted some of the older ones attempted to pay attention but with a room full of "safe" obstacle courses, bouncing balls, and bubbles galore, it was like Utopia-Land for the Happy Child. Let's not forget the air-track/bouncey thing....I must say, it's a great place to have a party! The parents got to enjoy the party too while the kiddies were entertained. Skylar was especially thrilled to know there were "peasants" and cake involved in this birthday party deal. She was more than happy to offer Madelyn happy birthday wishes. Skylar proceeded to tell Madelyn Happy Birthday a few times. Only it came out Happpppyyyy DDDAAYYY!! ...several times. She said "Happy Birthday" a couple times, but she much preferred to tell her (or shout, I should say)...HAAPPPYY DDDAYYY!! Although, I'm pretty sure in the midst of the crowd there, I'm the only one that heard it! But that's ok. Her "happy day" phrase struck me funny and was so true. She was exactly right. A birthday IS a Happy Day! The birth of our child was SUCH a happy day. Aside from the day Randy and I said "I DO," I'd have to say it ranks number ONE. So as she does often, my little snuggles got me thinking, ....I should look at EVERY DAY as a "happy day" because it's another day I get to wake up and celebrate my birth/life and the lives of all those I love. I hear those wheels turning...NO you don't get more presents...just know that I think of you all and pray for you all often. :-) Much like we set aside one day a year...(or month if you're in my family!) to celebrate our birthdays, we set aside the Christmas holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. Everyone's just a little nicer, a bit more giving, and a lot more likely to think of others in need....around Christmas...this time of Christ's birthday celebration. I'm guilty of that for sure...But shouldn't we wake each morning and celebrate HIS birthday everyday too?...The "HOW" is up to us....I'm voting yes....I've got a lot to learn and I'm far from perfect...but I sure can try.....So what's you're vote? And with that...I'll leave you to your thoughts...it's past my bedtime....In the words of my almost 2 year old... "HAPPY DAY!!"
"A happy heart is like good medicine" (Proverbs 17:22)

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