Friday, February 22, 2008

Skylar Day

TGIF......It's been a week! Today is "Skylar Day." So yes, this post is all about Skylar. And yes...that is a tew tew and boots she's put on. She makes me happy, makes me laugh, sometimes makes me crazy.....or crazier I guess, but she always makes me smile. I guess I'll start with Wednesday night. She had dance class. Now Skylar has recently become a little timid in group settings...for the first 10 minutes or so upon arrival. So I got the workout this week in class because I had to dance around carrying her at the same time. She found it quite humerous,...and I'm quite sure many of you would have laughed until your tummies hurt as well...But she demanded that I carry her for the first couple songs. My child...demanding???nnnnoooooo...who would've thought..... ;-)By the end of the class she was jumping around dancing and singing along with the rest of the kids....she even clapped for them and told them "Good Job!"
I had to laugh. Would you take a look at those eyes!! ->She sure does have some expressions. This one in particular is saying..."Mommy...I'm done with pictures, can we go now!!" Sorry for the sidebar there... Anyway, for the benefit of the family near and far...Skylar's growing like....umm...whatever it is that grows fast. I won't say weed b/c I don't like weeds and she's too cute to compare to an ugly old weed. Aside from the many faces she enjoys entertaining with...(pictures to follow)...She's also learned to sing the alphabet song. Even more impressive to me....being that she's not even 2 yet..I can sign the alphabet to her, and she knows EVERY letter without missing a beat. She loves to read and she's starting to point out letters to me on the pages. She especially loves to spell out S. K. Y. L. A. R. on a page. She knows most of her primary colors...she knows them in sign lauguage and will pick the correct colors if you ask her to get a particular crayon least most of the time. She's particularly good with blue, green and yellow :-) Skylar loves to sing and in fact....she sings in her sleep! I know we all talk in our sleep now and then...she sure does...but the other night I was just about asleep and I hear " A B C D E F G.........." you get the point. She was actually singing her alphabet song in her sleep. It was hilarious and intriguing all at the same time. I know others kids do this too, but it was the first time I'd caught her singing her sleep. If I started singing in my sleep.....or singing at all for that matter.....I think the neighbors may complain. ;-) Ok, so other new things with Skylar...or little miss independant I should say...she wants to dress herself...that is IF you can catch her long enough to get clothes on her. She's doing great with her manners...uses please and thank you, and even says "bless you!" if you cough or sneeze. She says the funniest things....I was coming down the stairs with her the other day and I said whoa! And without missing a beat,...out of her little mouth she shouts..."Lawd a Mercy!" And yes that's a Southern phrasing of "Lord Have Mercy" for those of you not lucky enough to have been born and raised in the South! Anyhow....every day brings something new with Skylar. She's a comedian, a boss, an entertainer, a teacher....U NAME IT.....most of all she's our little miracle. I'm posting a few of her latest "faces of Skylar".......

She's just a delight to be around....most of the time...As we all do she has her moments...and often reminds us she IS an almost 2year old toddler and might I say, with a mind of her own. She's fine tuning that selective hearing of hers these days.....or learning to ignore us...take your pick. Some days we think she and Caffrey are teaming up and conspiring against us....maybe....maybe not. But I hear "patience is a virtue"....I think I could've used an extra dose on the day that was handed out. (Kidding...sort of) Skylar is our little sunshine and she makes every day brighter rain or shine. Here's hoping her smile brings you happy thoughts today...on what I like to call "Skylar Day."

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